Charity Photo shoot 2022 Terms and Conditions

Pleasure ensure you have read and understood these conditions before booking.


Shoot date: Monday 18th July 2022

Start times: AM 9:15-12:30  or PM 13:00-16:15

Venue: Brick wall house, Rye Road, Rye TN31 6NL     



This year we have the use of an amazing venue for our charity shoot. As last year, for many of you that will remember, we will have two sets of models; Set 1 and Set 2, you pick which set you want to shoot. We also have two time slots; morning 9:15-12:30 or Afternoon 13:00-16:15, you pick your time slot. You are welcome to book both slots but the 2 individual slots fees will be applicable. Our models will be changing as often as they like to create variety between photographers for their portfolios. Please try not to get the models too dirty and messed up on your shoot as other photographers will be shooting with them after you ( yes Tracey that’s you).

We will be putting on tea, coffee, light refreshments and biscuits for the day for our photographers and models to help themselves too as needed. However, we will not be on this occasion be supplying any other food during the shoots for photographers but you are welcome to bring snacks etc with you.

Photographers will be shooting their selected model set (6 models x 30-minute shoots) 1-1 with their models, rotating every 30 minutes, with a 15-minute break halfway through. Photographers are allowed to use strobe lighting, reflectors etc. as they need, but due to space limitations we are requesting no assistants this year. There will be people about that may be able to offer a hand though if that helps.

We must add from last year It may be necessary to adjust the models last minute if anything changes at the last minute i.e., model can’t make it, running late etc.


So, we know which model set and time slot you would like, it is important to add it to your first message

For example….. can I book on to set 1  for the afternoon slot please?



Terms and conditions

In order to book, following last years chaos, we have had to simplify it. Either:

Message: @dover media group on face book, or


Please do not message Simon or Jodie via messenger directly, on whatsapp, or texts etc etc or it get too hard to keep track of an order (even you Jack).

This is a first come first served shoot. We can’t hold places, and I’m sure this will sell out fast!


We are charging a Fixed £50 fee to photographers to be part of this day. Payable via bank transfer only in advance. Only once payment has been made and you receive your booking confirmation is your booking guaranteed.  If in the event you are unable to make your booking at a later date, please see cancellation policy.

Sharing your images with the models, venue & suppliers

As part of our models venue and other suppliers allowing us to use their services completely free of charge and allowing all proceeds of the day to go to charity, they have and rightly so, requested some images from our photographers to display on their socials as they deem fit in exchange. Obviously as we are more than happy to help facilitate this for the suppliers. As part of agreeing to take part in the shoot you are agreeing to provide ‘’some’’ images of each model for the suppliers to use as above. In order to make it as easy as possible we shall allow all photographers to send their images to us, where we shall in turn send them on to the suppliers and models. When sending images so you can be credited as needed, we recommend renaming the files with your own name, or business name.

Acceptable standards and content

This year we have evolved the look from beach to ‘’wedding and evening wear’’ we are looking to keep the content to classy and beautiful imagery in keeping with the exquisite venue, and outfits that we have chosen for the models to wear. Therefor we are requesting our photographers to conduct shoots in keeping with the theme and as such nudity, and or other explicit content will not be permitted. We do however accept that photography as an artform can be interpreted in many ways, so as long as we get a fair content for the suppliers of an appropriate nature, leave it to the photographers and models to shoot as they deem appropriate for the day the rest of the time.


Respect our models and venue

As Above we will be shooting in 12 areas, a mixture of inside and outside in this lovely venue. We request that any restrictions within the venue are adhered to at all times, the models will be having changing areas, these are out of bounds to photographers at all times.

We have a wide range of brilliant models and photographers with different experience levels, and from different walks of life, we insist all are treated as equal, our models comfort zones are absolutely not to be pushed for any reason. All of our photographers and models are to be treated with respect at all times, in addition the venue will have staff in the venue, what they say goes, no exceptions.

Keep tidy, no damage and don’t upset the neighbors

Due to the venue and its neighbors we request that parking is considerate outside the venue and not causing an obstruction. We also ask that language and chatter inside, outside and in the grounds is respectful of our neighbors for the day at all times

As you can imagine we want the venue and grounds to be left as we found it. We will be staying behind with some of the models to clean up and even hoover the place after the shoot. So ask that where appropriate minimize any mess as much as possible.

Cancellation policy

We, Dover media group, are making nothing financially from this shoot. We do it for the love of the game. But we are fair. We are running a nonrefundable fee policy, 100% of the money we take for this shoot goes to charity. However, we are also fair. If you must cancel and there is time, we will do everything we can to sell your place on the shoot on to another photographer, on your behalf if you are unable to attend at a later date. Only if and or when we sell your place will you receive your full money back.

We have the right to amend and add to this as needed at any time. We shall update via social media @dover media group if we do.

Simon and Jodie of Dover media Group will, with Leigh Sinden, be running this shoot, any queries at all just ask us we are friendly 😊