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Congratulations you've stumbled onto the VIP backstage pass of our wedding – the website! 

So, first things first: RSVP. Are you bringing your dance moves or sending your regards from the couch?

Let us know!

Now, about the grub – we're cool with all kinds of diets, even the ones that make us scratch our heads. Gluten-free wizards and unicorn blood sippers, we're looking at you. Drop your dietary deets.

Wondering what to wear? Fear not, fashion warriors! We're aiming for classy, with a side of sass. Feel free to rock your sparkly unicorn pantsuit – just make sure it can handle the dance floor madness... and the fact that you'll be spending a good hour outside in the December frost.... anyway moving on!

For the nitty-gritty deets – when, where, and what to expect – scroll on. Spoiler: there'll be laughs, probably a few embarrassing dance moves, and definitely a good time.

Get ready for the wedding shenanigans! RSVP, spill the dietary beans, and let's make this day legendary. 


#DressToImpressNotToStress #RSVPTimeTravelers

Everything you need to know...

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Dress Code

Don't wear white... just kidding wear what you like! Although if you want the photos you're in to look stellar; the theme is Black, White and Burgundy, but no biggie if not.


DO bear in mind though, that weather permitting; the ceremony and photos will be outside. So dress appropriately, coats, scarfs, gloves... be comfortable. You can get your glamour and cleavage out when we get inside (I'm looking at you Grandad). 

Wrapped Gift Boxes


Just don't worry about it. We have everything we need. Do us a favour, save yourself the money on a gift and sort your own travel out.

Can't be dealing with all that faff. Yes we know it's in the middle of nowhere, work with us peeps its beautiful!


The Grub

We're not doing that pick in advance, sit down, 3 course chicken thing, we literally do it all year round and would much rather a nice festive bbq, especially when you're having crimbo dinner a couple of days later!


Don't worry there will be something for everyone and a picky tea in the evening!



We're super excited to have Tony and Bart as wedding photographer and videographer, who will both also have second shooters.

But being in the industry we also know how much time group shots can take up in a day, so we will have a very short list of formal portraits. But don't worry, with that many professionals knocking around there will be plenty of opportunity to grab a nice photo together in a less formal setting.

Formal group shots will be shared with those in them, closer the time, so people know where they need to be and we can keep things moving swiftly.

Mobile Camera


We know how excited everyone will be to  take photos, in this day and age it's expected for everyone to be glued to their phone.

This said however the ceremony itself will be strictly unplugged, that means no phones/videos/photos. Aside from it being a hindrance to the professionals that will be there to capture the magic, it is a very sad sight to see people watching such a magical moment through a screen rather than their eyes.


So we would kindly request you keep the phones away and enjoy the experience in person.

Digital social media

Social Media

Outside of the ceremony we of course welcome you to snap away all day, just kindly ask that you be mindful and considerate of the professionals and try not to get in their way.

We would love to see them too! Please do join the facebook group and share with each other.

The only request we have is that this is not done until we have had a chance to ourselves first, to announce ourselves. So just hold back a day or two from posting (or until we say).

The Venue

The Crown Lodge, Wye

Find it on google maps:

Their address: Coldharbour Ln, Wye, TN25 5HE

Nearest Train Stations:

Wye - 2.3 miles (would still need to get a taxi)

Ashford International - 8.9 miles

For ease and simplicity we recommend just pre-booking a taxi if you want to enjoy a drink with us, join the Facebook group and start a discussion to see who else in your area that might like to share a ride!


Car pool, communicate, share taxi's, keep up to date in a non historic manner (email).


Share photos following the day (after we have - see above) and be first in line (following us) to see the official photos and video.

Join the Facebook Group


AKA Respond Soon Very Please :) .... Please let us know if you are coming...

Please tick the appropriate box as to what you will be attending, please bear in mind that you can't just decide willy nilly, if your invite has invited you to just the evening, you can't tick the box for daytime too... just tick the evening. Don't be offended, hardly anyone got invited to the daytime, it's blooming expensive! ... but if you did then congratulations we really like you.

Please choose the appropriate answer

Thanks for letting us know! We'll be in touch by email with any updates in the run up to the day ... if you have said you are coming that is ....

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