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2nd Shooter agreement

This Agreement is entered into as of 26/02/2024, between Nastia Nizalova ("Second Shooter") and Dover Media Group ("Lead Photographer"), collectively referred to as the "Parties."

1.     Services: Second Shooter agrees to provide photography services as a second shooter to Dover Media Group for the wedding event of Keeley & Jack on Friday 5th July 2024. Second Shooter's main responsibilities will include:

a. Groom prep coverage.

b. Groomsmen group shots at the venue.

c. Capturing reception details such as table and venue dressings.

d. Photographing guest arrivals.

e. Acting as a second shooter for all main events throughout the day.

2.     Compensation: Second Shooter shall receive a flat fee of £250 for services rendered from preparation to after the first dance. Payment will be made by Dover Media Group when Nastia would like this. (We are happy to pay in advance or later just let us know what you would prefer).

3.     Delivery of Materials: Second Shooter would be required to hand over all memory cards containing captured images to Dover Media Group on the evening of the wedding. Dover Media Group shall return the memory cards to Second Shooter the following day with the photos still on them, allowing Second Shooter to edit the photos in their own style for personal portfolio use, if desired.

4.     Responsibilities:

a. Dover Media Group shall retain all responsibility for arrangements, client meetings, edits, and delivery of final images to the couple.

b. Second Shooter's responsibility is solely to attend the event and fulfil the agreed-upon photography duties.

5.     Additional Shots: Second Shooter may capture specific shots for personal portfolio use during the event, such as during portrait sessions if desired.

6.     Pre-Event Meeting: A final meeting will be scheduled with the couple one month before the wedding. Dover Media Group will provide Second Shooter with a rundown of the timings, itinerary and event details following this meeting.

Second Shooter Agreement

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