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What to expect from our newborn photo shoot
& terms and conditions


Our Newborn shoot delivers high resolution, digital images, the number of which dependent on the requested package. The cost of the shoot covers the digital images however you may wish to purchase prints separately. You will not be surprised with additional costs later, the cost of you shoot is as is displayed and you will be delivered the set number of images advertised for that package. 


This photo shoot is designed to focus on your newborn and does not include portraits with other family members, for photos of  your baby with other family members, you would need a family portrait session which we recommend booking for a separate time.

Payment Options

A £50 deposit is required to secure your date, the remaining balance due on the day of your shoot which you can pay by card or cash in the studio. If you are looking to spread the cost we highly recommend booking in advance and paying in installments prior your shoot. This does however only apply to the digital images and does not apply to any print work ordered following the shoot.

Age of Baby

The perfect newborn shoot age is 7-10 days from 40 weeks, although not a mandatory time frame for a newborn photoshoot. Usually, babies at this age are less responsive and asleep for a long period. They enjoy being in a fetal position while sleeping, which makes them comfortable during various newborn photo poses. Anything over 4 weeks can still be accommodated however there may be some sets and/or poses that would not be suitable.

Our Sets

Our sets are handmade by us and are completely unique, so you will have beautiful images that you haven't seen anywhere else. We have a number of options available and on booking your shoot you will be given a list of these options to choose from. We recommend limiting your choice of sets to 3 for best results, as moving your baby around more sets than this can cause them to become unsettled.

Baby Handling

For the poses required for this shoot your photographer will be handling your baby for these poses and comfortably arranging them for the most aesthetically pleasing and safe positions. You may rest assured that we are trained and qualified in the safety and comfort of your baby as well as having designed our sets for optimum comfort.

Baby Room Capacity

Our baby room is suitable and comfortably spaced to accommodate 4 adults and 1 baby, 2 of which will be photographers, so we recommend no more than 2 adults present for the shoot.


To keep the baby comfortable the room must be kept to a temperature of at least 24 degrees, so that they stay comfortable and relaxed for the duration, which whilst is cosy for the baby, can get a little warm for adults, so we recommend dressing appropriately so that you stay comfortable.

Duration / Process

We allow around 3 hours for the photoshoot, whilst it may not take this long, it could require the full 3 hours. During the shoot it is important that the baby stays comfortable and relaxed and a good degree of time could be dedicated to waiting until the baby has settled, had a feed, winded, changed etc. With this in mind, there could be a fair degree of waiting around for your little one to be ready. This photoshoot requires a bit of patience, as it may take time.


For our style of photoshoot we do not require any particular outfits, unless you choose that there are any specific bonnets, headwear etc that you would like to bring. We personally recommend delicate looking accessories so as not to distract from the baby. We have plenty of blankets and wraps to keep your baby warm and modest but for the large part they will be undressed and wrapped in blankets. This will mean it is highly likely that little one might have a leak or two, don’t worry we have prepared for this with waterproof base layers and accept that there will be some laundry to do following the shoot 😉


Parking directly out the front of the studio is limited to one hour, as this shoot may take longer we recommend parking somewhere nearby, you can find a list of parking details on our website here;

Parking restrictions do not apply after 18:00 or on Sundays.

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