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Love Letters on Your Wedding Day

Here's an idea that we've seen this year, and we've seen it done a few ways. The bride and groom buy gifts and cards for each other, and/or their nearest and dearest to open the morning of the wedding, before the ceremony. Now it doesn't have to be expensive gifts, or gifts at all, it could just be a letter to your spouse to be. Before all the excitement of the day and you get lost in the fun it all; a last, quiet moment of reflection and note to say just how much that person means to you, really sets home the magic of the day.

It's honestly a genuine privilege to be witness to such touching moment and this wedding was no exception. The love in this family was palpable and it was a real treat to be a part of. Especially seeing as, they don't get to witness the others reaction, so being there to capture it on camera, so that they can see it later, is wonderful. Honestly to be a fly on the wall during the editing process! lol - downside to being hopeless romantics ourselves is we can't watch someone else's love story unfold without blubbering!

The beauty of Simon and I working together is we can communicate with the other for the all clear when they can open their letters/presents, so that when it comes to the couple viewing their full album for the first time, they get to see the day as it really unfolded, even for the parts that they didn't get to see in person themselves. And that can be a real lump in throat moment with this bit! Especially if they open their presents at exactly the same time. Yep, you can put up all the bravado you like in front of the groomsman, the camera doesn't lie! But in all seriousness there is something quite special about watching that back, and realizing all those magical feelings you had opening yours, they were having at the same moment. All about the gushy feels over here!

So whats the difference between a love letter and saying your vows? Surely you're just repeating yourself? Ah see but there's a couple of things to bear in mind with this; firstly if you aren't writing your own vows, whilst you are saying lovely things, that you absolutely mean! They're not your words, and hey, writing your own vows isn't for everyone! Some people just aren't comfortable writing something for the whole congregation to hear. This is your opportunity to be authentically you and let that person know what today means to you. Secondly; even if you are doing your own vows, isn't there anything that you'd like to include that maybe isn't appropriate for a live audience? Yeah there is! Or have you worded things a certain way, not necessarily how you would say it, but in a way that sounds nice for the ceremony? We're back to the benefit of the opportunity to be authentic and wording things in that way that your partner fell in love with.

You know I'm harping on about the letters here and writing things, but lets not forget it doesn't have to be letter it could be a gift, and as I said before it doesn't have to be expensive (or do, go all out! Whatever you're into). Where words escape you, whether its small and sentimental or breathtakingly extravagant. The only thing I will encourage you to do is to wait for us to be there to capture it. At the end of the day it's up to you if you would like a moment like that to be private, which of course some people do. But it really is a wonderful memory to keep in photo form too. Many couples will vouch that we are as unobtrusive as possible with our approach and will discreetly snap away while you enjoy your moment.


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