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drew Hogben, 11/12th may 2023

This photos was taken at home and i edited it to look more vintage using overlays.^^

This photo was taken in the studio and again to make it fit into my photography style used overlays to complete the look i wanted. ^^

what i learnt in editing to create a smooth finish on the bottles:


. Use of masking to only effect certain areas

. Utilisation of colour luminance, hue and saturation

. Colour wheels- adding colour to shadows, midtones and highlights


. Patch tool to remove blemishes and marks

. Adding texture overlays and changing the blend modes, changing to opacity of the layers for desired finish.

These three images i did day 1 in the studio and i learnt with a style bottle shoot was to:

. Dont overload your image with too much because it will end up messy.

. Keep the props relevant and colour coordinated.

. Move around and try different angles and move the props if it doesn't work.

. Get details as well as full image.

. Make sure the label is in focus and good quality.

And for the white background bottle shoot i learnt:

. Use tracing paper to soften the light and create a gradient around the glass bottle.

. Use light to emphasize the bottle shape.

. Minimizing glare on the bottle from placement lights.


Shooting in RAW will give you more detail in your image that you can change and manipulate. The colour theory, opposite colours on the colour wheel are complimentary and works to create a very eye-catching images when used together for example;

green and red.

As a rule, in normal lighting conditions ( not really light or dark ) these setting will give you correct exposure.


I edited this image in lightroom and photoshop using the steps ive explained. I like this photo because it has that vintage feel that i really wanted to achieve and i really think the oranges and yellows really compliment each other. This image reminds me of the summer thats why this images stands out to me more than the others.

I took this image on a walk with my dog and it was early morning and i took my camera with me to capture my dog but i took this and in really like it. I like the way the path is to the side a bit and it shows the landscape on the field. I edited this with only one overlay and i really think its given it the character i was looking for.

This photo was taken at my dads allotment and it orignally had a moon off to the left of the tree but during editing we lost it but thats okay because to get the old vintagey look i have been looking for i think it makes up for it. I also like how the tree is centered off to the side.l

This photo is really strange but again i was looking around the allotment and i found this set up on a chair. I was looking at it and i couldnt really figure out why i liked it so much but i soon realised it was because of the colours that lay within the image. The rust underneath the frog in the water is red/orange and the mold on the chair is green. I looked at the colour wheel and there opposite each other like ive mentioned before.

This photo is special to me becuase its my mum and dad gardening together qot the allotment we went to together one day. This image is kinda of like a documentary photo which i like.

Again this photo has the same sort of feel. My mum helped me take this photo because i was nervous taking images of random gardeners, so she made it look like i was taking a photo of her whilst i attempted to make this photo good quality. I think i only used one overlay for this so its very subtle.

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