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Planning a Wedding as Wedding Photographers

So if you missed it, Simon asked me to marry him this summer. Being the male version of me; you best believe it was romantic as hell, and yes, I fully blubbed! So much so, he had to ask again because I was so busy crying I forgot to answer!

So as everyone learned of our engagement came the big question (and I mean EVERYONE has asked it); 'who will shoot your wedding??' and it's a darn good question. Our instinctive go to would be people that are going to play a very prominent part of our day. Being in the position that we are, having made so many friends that are photographers, does mean that it rules them out as specifically our wedding photographers, because they need to be in the photos. Simon is still trying to convince me otherwise on that one, so for now the jury is out.

He's argument, and I am in total agreement with, is that no matter who we book to shoot our wedding, we won't be happy with. Not because we think nobody is good enough, not at all, there are some amazing photographers. But I'm sure a lot of photographers will agree, you shoot and you edit to how you like. Finding someone that has the exact same process and editing style to yourself is next to impossible.

Our absolute ideal scenario would be someone who's work we like being open to give us the raws, no culling, to do our own edit on. For those that don't know; raws are the original (really big) files. But that's going to be exceptionally hard to find.

So for the photography, as everyone suspected, it is going to be a challenge. But the rest of it is a dream! We've taken all of the best bits of the weddings we've been to and culminated it into our dream wedding!

Everyone plans their wedding to their tastes and we're no different, but the benefit of being wedding photographers is (with absolutely no shame) pinching our couples ideas! And expanding on a them a bit further! All I can tell you for now is be ready for one hell of a party!

It is quite funny that our wedding is over 2 years away but we've got a lot of it booked and sorted already! Can you tell we're excited??

Of course there is also a downside to being wedding photographers planning our own wedding. Being a supplier at different weddings, of course you talk to the other suppliers/venues etc and see (and hear) all the behind the scenes that you wouldn't necessarily want to as a couple. Word to the wise suppliers; you are never safe telling someone that 'some parties take forever to f**k off'... aside from being pretty unfavorable etiquette. Cue cringe emoji... some things you wish you didn't get to hear.

But there's far more good than there are horror stories. We shot at our chosen venue for the first time earlier this year, and before we were even engaged we know it was the one. We did the sensible thing and looked around to be sure but quickly circled back to the venue that stole our hearts from the minute we started shooting there.

Jury is out on a few other things; makeup, caterer, where to get ready, transport etc but the venue and DJ are sorted (it's quite funny seeing what everyone's priorities are in booking things). And so far we know that it's going to be at Christmas (literally 2 days before!) in a modern log cabin, chilled vibes in the day, marshmallow toasting, hot choccies, and a festive buffet followed by a banger of a party! Yeah... one too many summer weddings for us in what had to be - the hottest summer that every existed this year! We quite prefer the idea of it being chilly outside and being wrapped up in fur throws, mmm cosy!

Early days for now, I'm sure there's going to be much more to think about over the next two years... maybe I'll post some updates! :)


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