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Our top 5 favorite wedding venues in Kent

As Kent Wedding Photographers

When it comes to wedding venues, Kent has some of the best and beautiful to offer, so in choosing the venue that's right for you, it can be difficult to narrow down! So here's our top five favorite Kent Wedding Venues as wedding photographers.

#1 - The Crown Lodge, Wye.

The Crown Lodge, Wye. Kent Wedding Venue.

The Crown Lodge in Kent is our absolute favorite and the chosen venue for our own wedding. It has modern log cabin vibes surrounded by lush woodland and stunning views of the Kent Downs.

We love that The Crown Lodge has a friendly team of staff who are always willing to help and make sure your day runs smoothly. The venue also offers an outdoor ceremony area, making it a great choice for couples who want to get married in the great outdoors.

The Lodge is the perfect venue for couples who want beautiful and timeless photographs of their special day. We recommend getting group shots on the Downs for a stunning background and couples portraits in the fairy lit tree walkway for a romantic and whimsical feel.

We have been so happy with our experience at The Crown Lodge and would highly recommend it to any couples looking for an idyllic wedding venue in the heart of Kent.

#2 - The Hythe Imperial Hotel, Hythe.

The Hythe Imperial. Kent Wedding Venue.

The Hythe Imperial Hotel is a stunning wedding venue located in the heart of Kent. From the outside, the hotel looks grand and elegant. Inside, the atmosphere is even more lavish, with sweeping staircases, a giant hanging chandelier and plush furnishings. It’s the perfect place for a wedding, and ideal for wedding photography.

When it comes to wedding photography, the Hythe Imperial Hotel offers a range of options. The grounds are beautiful and provide plenty of opportunities for romantic outdoor shots. The bridal suites are luxurious and spacious, with plenty of room to capture the bride and groom on their special day. If the boys are thinking of having a pre-ceremony drink, definitely consider The Moet Bar for its plush decor and intimacy for some stunning photos.

During the summer months, you can make the most of the sun setting in the evening, as well as the lush green gardens. In the winter months, the hotel is equally stunning, with its illuminated grounds its the perfect set for a twilight wedding.

The Hythe Imperial Hotel is an exceptional wedding venue that offers an array of opportunities for wedding photography. With its beautiful grounds, luxurious bridal suites and exclusive Moet Lounge, it’s the perfect place to capture those special moments on your special day.

#3 - St Augustine's, Westgate on Sea

St Augustine's, Kent Wedding Venue

One of our favorite venues for wedding photography is St Augustines. It’s a gorgeous venue with a variety of features that make it the perfect choice for wedding photography.

The magnificent French-style Chapel at St Augustine’s was built in the early 1900’s and contains 350-year-old carvings from Paris; not only creating an impressive setting for your wedding but ensuring an unforgettable occasion. With its dark mahogany wood and grand halls and ceremony spaces. It’s the perfect backdrop for winter weddings, with its warm and inviting atmosphere.

Every inch of St Augustine's is picturesque, providing plenty of opportunities for beautiful photographs. The venue also offers a number of indoor spaces that are perfect for group shots. In case of rain, the indoor spaces can provide a safe and beautiful alternative for capturing family and wedding party photos.

St Augustines is a perfect venue for wedding photography. Its stunning architecture and outdoor and indoor spaces provide plenty of opportunities for capturing beautiful photographs that will last a lifetime. We highly recommend this venue for any wedding photography in Kent!

#4 - The Orangery, Maidstone

The Orangery, Maidstone. Kent Wedding Venue

When it comes to memorable wedding venues, The Orangery in Maidstone stands out as one of the best for stunning grounds in Kent. This venue is surrounded by beautiful gardens and a magnificent lake, making it a perfect backdrop for wedding photos.

The Orangery provides plenty of lovely indoor and outdoor spaces for you to capture your special day. The indoor areas are perfect for intimate ceremonies and receptions, while the outdoor Lapa overlooks the lake and is a great spot for outdoor weddings. The gardens provide a natural and romantic backdrop for your photos, while the lake provides a stunning view of the sky and the sunset.

The icing on the cake would be a breathtaking fireworks display over the lake and a perfect way to end the night in style. The Orangery is a very picturesque venue for wedding photography and we love it for its stunning grounds and the opportunity to capture amazing photos.

#5 - Dover Marina Hotel, Dover

Dover Marina Hotel, Kent Wedding Venue

Dover Marina Hotel, perfectly situated on the stunning coastline of the English Channel, this stunning hotel provides the perfect backdrop for a seaside-themed wedding ceremony and intimate celebration.

The beautiful marina and the iconic Dover Castle provide a majestic backdrop for your wedding photos. Whether you’re looking for a classic wedding portrait with the castle in the background or something more romantic with the setting sun highlighting the coastline, Dover Marina Hotel is the perfect spot.

We highly recommend allowing a little extra time and making sure you get your photos on the marina curve with the incredible Dover Castle in the background.

Wildcard- The Guildhall, Sandwich

The Guildhall, Sandwich. Kent Wedding Venue

Our pick for best Kent Wedding Venue on a budget, whilst not compromising on aesthetic. The Guildhall in Sandwich is the perfect venue if you’re looking to plan a budget wedding. Its beautiful dark wood decor creates a timeless, classic atmosphere that is great for capturing a moody and romantic feel.

Located in the peaceful and picturesque Kent village of Sandwich. An added bonus is that the venue is easy to get to and there are plenty of nearby parking options for your guests.

The Guildhall is situated right on top of the towns market square, which is perfect for some sunny wedding group photos whilst our favorite thing about this venue are the nearby portrait opportunities. We recommend allowing a little extra time for your wedding photos and taking a short walk to the Rope Walk or The Quay. They are the perfect spots for some romantic photos by the willow trees.


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