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The Solton Manor Showcase: Where Local Creativity Takes Center Stage

Step into a world where creativity knows no bounds and inspiration flows freely. In the heart of August, amidst the enchanting aura of Solton Manor, local artisans, craftsmen, and visionaries converged to create a tapestry of elegance and innovation. The Solton Manor Styled Shoot, a gathering of passionate local suppliers, was a testament to the power of collaboration and the beauty that emerges when diverse talents unite. Join us on a journey through an event that celebrated not just products and services, but the vibrant spirit of our local community.

A Celebration of Local Talent:

At the heart of the Solton Manor Styled Shoot was a celebration of local talent and expertise. Artisans, florists, photographers, caterers, and designers, among others, gathered to showcase their unique services. Against the backdrop of Solton Manor’s timeless charm, each supplier presented their creations, transforming the venue into a canvas of colors, textures, and artistry.

Networking that Inspires:

More than just a showcase, the event was a platform for networking and collaboration. Suppliers mingled, exchanged ideas, and built relationships that have the potential to shape the local creative landscape. This collaborative spirit was the driving force behind the event, fostering an atmosphere of support and mutual growth.

Capturing Moments, Creating Memories:

Professional photographers and videographers captured every detail, ensuring that the essence of each creation was immortalized. The event not only served as a platform for business promotion but also as an opportunity for suppliers to build their portfolios with stunning, professionally captured content.

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As we look back at the Solton Manor Styled Shoot, we invite you to relish in the creativity, passion, and innovation that our local community has to offer. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming events and discover the talent that thrives right in your neighborhood. Let’s celebrate local artistry and continue to support the incredible talents that make our community vibrant and inspiring.

Embrace creativity. Support local. Celebrate community.


Photography - Dover Media Group

Venue - Solton Manor

Flowers - Daisy Moon

Catering - Invicta Food Design

Cars - Majestic Carriages

Rings- Kingsdown Rings

Make Up Artist - Leigh Sinden Makeup Artist

Hair Styling - Gillian Smissen Hairdressing

Dress - Beautiful in Curves

Cake - All you need is cake

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