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Modelling and portfolio building

We are always on the lookout for new people to collaborate with on personal creative projects. We generally prefer to pay our models but always open to tfp collaborations when we have a mutual interest in mind.

Got an idea?

Dover Media Group Catherine Dekker

A bit about
Simon & Jodie

We absolutely don't take ourselves very seriously, are generally a bit of a bad influence and love shooting for fun when we have the time. There hasn't been a fun shoot we've done where we haven't had a good laugh and most often make some great friends and contacts.

We also have two really cute studio kitties; Loki and Luna. Luna is a hussy but Loki can be a little more reserved, hence the nickname she's inherited of 'Queenie'.

We have our own studio if the weather is pants but love outdoor shoots too.

Anyway thats us, if you fancy shooting something, check out our collaborative 'for fun' portfolio below and we'd love to hear from you.


For no particular reason, we just fancied shooting it ...

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